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What is your artistic training or education?

In Portugal, before high school you have to decide between three major courses: Sciences, Humanities or Arts. The choice was super obvious to me since I was an impulsive sketcher. I enrolled myself on the arts program and fell in love with picture books the same year. Later, I started making clothes as a means of income. Soon I would be working at the Theatre as a Costume Designer and slacking in school.


I failed two years by lack of attendance and later enrolled to study Fashion Design. I had tried a Costumes degree but didn’t enjoy it. The reason why I was able to finish Fashion was because I had really good teachers that made me love some subjects. My housemate at the time also helped a lot getting through it; I think if it wasn’t for her I would have quit because I mostly hated it. Sometimes I wonder if I draw so many naked people because of that.


I have considered taking a bachelor’s degree in painting and cinema but I don’t think I would be able to go through it all again.


As an autistic person who just discovered this life-changing information, most of my struggles and obsessions make sense now and I don’t think the regular schooling system was built to accommodate non-neurotypical people so I always prefer to do small workshops and read and learn what really interests me at on my own pace.

What materials do you use? 

What are you working on now?

How long have you been doing tattoos?


I started on 2016, so that will be 5 years in November 2021.

How did you get started with tattoos?


When I was 16 I tried to get an apprenticeship in a traditional tattoo shop in my hometown but they told me I didn’t know how to shade and that it would be very hard considering I am a woman. I completely forgot about it for a few years and started reconsidering it when I was finishing my degree with no intents of pursuing it. A friend of mine (@agataris), who had almost the same background as me, started tattooing and I began a month or two after her. We have shared a work space, skin, guest spot travels and a tight friendship ever since.

Luckily I started when there was already a lot of useful information on the internet. I read everyday before going to school, I binged watched resource videos and spoke to a lot of tattoo artists who had experience. So you could say I am self-motivated-community-taught.


2020 : Nome de Flor by Mário Castrim, published by Página a Página


2020 : Touch Deprivation - self published

2020 : Water Cycle - self published

2019 : Tronco curated by João Pedro Azul on Flanzine

2017 : Pele curated by João Pedro Azul on Flanzine


2021 : No Man's an Island at Ó! Galeria

2021 : FLASH at Ó! Galeria

2020 : Christmas collective at Ó! Galeria


Bloco de Esquerda, Página a Página, Herbes Folles, Teatro Aveirense...

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