I was the girl that wanted to be a lot of things when I grew up, and I did.
I wanted to be a ballerina since I remember but my knee got the best of me so I taught myself how to sow when I was fifteen and started working as a costume designer at the age of seventeen.
I worked with various theatre companies between Porto and Lisbon like GrETUA, A Turma, Artistas Unidos and was highlighted as the emerging artist of 2014 by Cão Danado. The same year, I started studying fashion and the year after she was selected through a contest to show a capsule-collection at Portugal Fashion at the BLOOM platform.
I can never focus for too long in just one thing but illustration and tattoos have kept me busy for quite some time participating in collective publications and exhibitions and travelling around Europe spreading my drawings on beautiful people. In Lisbon I tattoo in beautiful co-working studio called PÂNTANO.studios and I draw mostly at home or at parks, and bye bye to cafés, buh corona.
Through all these years, drawing was always a constant and in the beginning I wanted to be a children book’s illustrator (I finally got published huhh-huuh) but erotism got the best of me.
I still keep looking for new mediums to express myself making my randomness, consistent.


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