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As promised,

I will be in Paris ✺ 4/5 & 7 ✺ APRIL

I will book all FLASH requests first and then I might open some spaces for CUSTOM 👀
If I have tattooed you before, I will open an exception for CUSTOM requests



If your appointment request is accepted, be ready to send a 80€ or 80£ deposit, considering the currency of the country where your appointment takes place. The deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from the final price.



I use a sliding scale system. Sliding scale fees vary depending on the customer's ability to pay. 

If you can, consider any number above the minimum price a tip. 

If you can't, food or treats are also very much welcome!

Remember that during guest spots we have to pay a percentage of our income to the studio, and pay for accommodation, food, transportation, etc.

FLASH DESIGNS (available in the “FLASH” highlights on Instagram)

✺ if the tattoo is on the torso, add 80€/£ to the values ​​described below

✺ if you are in the UK, you should consider these numbers in £ (pounds)

up to 6cm: min of 200 max of 400€/£

up to 10cm: min of 280 max of 480€/£

up to 12cm: min of 320 max of 520€/£

up to 14cm: min of 380 max of 580€/£

up to 16cm: min of 450 max of 650€/£

up to 20cm: min of 500 max of 700€/£


HAND-PIECES (for each hand) : min of 300 max of 500€/£


CUSTOMS(design on request)
or ART HISTORY PIECES(paintings or details of paintings)

✺ if the tattoo is on the torso, add 80€/£ to the values ​​described below

✺ if you are in the UK, you should consider these numbers in £ (pounds)

up to 6cm: min of 300 max of 500€/£

up to 10cm: min of 350 max of 550€/£

up to 12cm: min of 370 max of 570€/£

up to 14cm: min of 450 max of 650€/£

up to 16cm: min of 520 max of 720€/£

up to 20cm: min of 600 max of 800€/£

✺ each size corresponds to a price. FLASH designs and CUSTOMS have different prices. Flashes are ALWAYS cheaper.

✺ If you want to tattoo with me, you have to trust me and my work. One way to make sure I draw exactly what you want is to be as descriptive as possible, and send me lots of sample photos. When the drawings are presented to you on the day of booking, we can make changes until we are both satisfied with the result.


​I do not tattoo minors, even with the consent of their legal guardians;

do not tattoo people under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

do not tattoo pregnant or people who are breastfeeding;

do not tattoo over scars that are less than one to three years old, depending on the depth of the scar;

do not tattoo skin with dermatological outbreaks (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria…). 

If that's your case, please reschedule or choose an unaffected area.

If you are taking blood thinners temporarily,  you should only book an appointment after you finish them. If you are taking them permanently, please let me know. 

​I do not tattoo stomachs, lower back, shoulder blades and necks because I have tendinitis and working on these body areas creates a lot of pain and distress;

 I do not tattoo designs from other tattoo artists;

Time to e-mail me

If you have agreed with all the information above,

💌 Please send an e-mail to :

with the following information:

✺ city

✺ name, age, pronouns & instagram handle

✺ FLASH(screenshot) or CUSTOM(description and reference pictures)

✺ size in cm

✺ placement 

✺ preferred days and hours

✺ do you have any disabilities you need accommodation for?

(I hope I have solved the problem I was having with my email. If you do not get an answer in 5 days, please DM me ✨) I also remind you that I am NOT booking for LISBON at the moment 💌 I'm currently in Firenze ♥️


Hope to meet you soon,



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