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2026 : PT : "Sol a Sol" - selected for a year long grant by the portuguese government to boost literature

roughly 180 page graphic novel

We are all memory. What happens if we don't have historic memory?

Can we truly know ourselves and feel a sense of belonging if we don't know anything about our family's past and history?

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim



PT "A Água nas Mãos"

36 page book : private commission for OLI : illustrated digitally

a poetic book about saving water for the 70th birthday of this company,

written by David Calão and illustrated by Patricia Shim 


PT : "Nem todos podemos ser gatos" // EN : "A spot under the sun" : published by

26 page zine (with cover) : painted with guache : cover printed in 300gr watercolour paper : book block printed in Canson : universal student in 120gr paper 

"A vase breaks and I break too.

Searching for him, searching for myself.

I search until the shards are a vase again. Until I am myself again."

a poetic picture book about the freedom of being a cat and how I wished to have that; 

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim

it is available for purchase here!


"Touch Deprivation" : self-published
16 page zine (with cover) : digital illustration : cover printed in 300gr paper : book block printed in 120gr paper

a reflection about how the covid pandemic has made most of us deprived of touch; 

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim, inspired by a Diane Cluck song

"Back&Forth" : online weekly comic that stopped in the same year due to time constraints

"o som delas como estrelas" : obra gráfica inserida na Gerador

5 page piece inserted in a monthly magazine


"Water Cycle" self-published

8 page zine (with cover) : A6 size : digital illustration : printed in 300gr paper

a poetic sequence of images about becoming one with nature;

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim


"Ilustrário do Amor Próprio" : published by O meu Útero

collaborative book about self pleasure of people with vulvas;

written by Catarina Maia, illustrated by 69 illustrators, printed by

"NOME DE FLOR" : published by Página a Página

poetry book by Mario Castrim, illustrations by Patricia Shim;


 PT "Curiosidade Mórbida" // IT"Curiosità Morbida"

80 page zine : dictionary/tour guide/recipe book

a guide/dictionary for Italian and Portuguese speakers to learn very similar sounding words with different meanings,

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim and Maria Giovanna Mura

"happy clown, sad clown" : provisory name

58 page comic book (with cover) 

a comic book that follows two clown siblings through an adventure propelled by the ABCedarium

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim

PT : "Brincar aos Oceanários" // EN : "The day I met my mother" : provisory name

180 page graphic novel : coming of age / coming out graphic novel 

"It almost was a summer like any other.

In the suburbs, the factory wailed and marked the time when Sophie could play "The SIMS", even if in secret.

When her mom is diagnosed with depression, the simulation days must end and life must begin."

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim

PT : "Nevoeiro" EN : "FOG" 

20 page zine (with cover)

a poetic sequence of images about the memory of her;

written and illustrated by Patricia Shim

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