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If you have symptoms, suspect that you are infected or have had it with someone infected, you should reschedule your session.


If you are feeling a bit sick please wear a mask.


We already took the masks off but we have a resident that still asked us to use if he is present, so if he is here we will have to wear it, please come prepared.

Thank you for helping us keep QUARTO.ESCURO a safe place for artists and customers.


To secure your appointment, you need to make a deposit, which only serves to ensure that you are really interested in the tattoo and that you show up for the appointment; serves as a safety net against all people who cancel at the last minute or simply do not show up, the drawings are only shown on the same day for the same reason, in case of a custom. 

1: The deposit is simplified via the BOOKING page on the website. There are two options: FLASH or CUSTOM;

1.1: The deposit amount is 50 euros (for FLASH) and 80 euros (for CUSTOM) and this money will be deducted from the final value of the tattoo;

1.2: The deposits are non-refundable unless it's me canceling. 

2: If there is more than one person interested in the same FLASH design, the first deposit to be received is whoever gets the tattoo. The person who was left without FLASH can ask to return the money, change the FLASH or request a CUSTOM similar or not to that FLASH;

3: The minimum size of each flash must be respected so as not to compromise the quality of the tattoo;

4: The colours I chose for each FLASH are always adapted to the skin tone of the person that chose the FLASH; 

5. I don't tattoo pregnant or breastfeeding people;

6. I do not tattoo minors, even with the consent of their legal guardians;

7. I do not tattoo people under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

8. I don't tattoo over scars that are less than one to three years old, depending on the depth of the scar;

8.1: I do not tattoo skins with dermatological outbreaks, it is necessary to reschedule or choose an unaffected area (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria…);
8.2: if you are taking blood thinners temporarily you should only book an appointment after you finish them, if you are taking them permanently, please let me know. 

9. I don't tattoo stomachs, lower back, shoulder blades and necks because I have tendinitis and working on these body areas creates a lot of pain and distress;

10: I don't tattoo designs from other tattoo artists;

10.1: I only tattoo drawings by live illustrators/painters with their consent. (I can request evidence or contact him);

11: If it is a CUSTOM request, the drawings will only be made on the day of the appointment with you, and at the beginning of the appointment we will talk and see the images of inspiration to start working on your design: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DELIVER THE DRAWING BEFORE;

11.1: If it is a CUSTOM request and I don't feel comfortable drawing what you have requested, I can and will refund your deposit. 



✺ with the healing cream included.


FLASH DRAWINGS (available in the “available” highlight on Instagram)

✺ if the tattoo is on the torso/head add €50 to the values described below

✺ prices for "Art History" tattoos : linework

up to 6cm: 90€

up to 8 cm: 120€

up to 10cm: 170€

up to 12cm: 200€

up to 14cm: 250€

up to 16cm: 320€

up to 20cm: 380€

✺ Each size has a price, flash designs and designs on request have different prices, and flashes are ALWAYS cheaper.

✺ if it's a custom one compare the sizes of the flashes with what you want to understand what is the minimum size your tattoo must have,


HAND-PIECES PRICES : €200 per hand

✺ with touch-up and healing cream included


PRICES "ART story" colored

✺ if the tattoo is on the torso/head add €50 to the values described below

up to 6cm: €170

up to 10cm: 250

up to 12cm: 300

up to 14cm: 350

up to 16cm: 400

up to 20cm: 600


CUSTOMS PRICES (design on request)

✺ if the tattoo is on the torso/head add €50 to the values described below

up to 6cm: €120

up to 10cm: 200

up to 12cm: 270

up to 14cm: 320

up to 16cm: 370

up to 20cm: 450

up to 25cm : 470

up to 30cm : 570

✺ If it is a custom order, the drawings will be made on the day of the appointment with you, and at the beginning of the appointment, only a few basic ideas will be presented so that we can start working together.

✺ It is NOT possible for drawings to be delivered earlier. If you want to tattoo with me you have to trust me and my work. One way to ensure that I design exactly what you want is to be as descriptive as possible and send me lots of sample photos. ✺ When the drawings are presented to you on the day of the appointment, we can make changes until we are both satisfied with the result.


✺ If the CUSTOM request you made me does not fit with my work, I have the right to refuse the "CUSTOM request" and return the money by the same payment method.

Please read this care information BEFORE and AFTER getting a tattoo. 

What you need to know BEFORE getting a tattoo

1: ! VERY IMPORTANT ! moisturize the area of ​​the body where you are going to get the tattoo at least 3 days before (if you still don't know where, moisturize the potential areas with a fat cream)

2: drink lots of water, skin hydration these days is really important. Bring water with you too.


3: sleep well the night before and eat well before your appointment. You will feel better throughout the entire process. In the studio we have SOS sweets but if you have preferences bring yours.


4: bring comfortable clothes: don't forget that you will have to take off your shoes at the entrance so try to bring socks or slippers to stay comfortable.


DO NOT get sunburned in the weeks before!

I will NOT tattoo over burnt skin or healing skin.


DO NOT take Brufen/Ben-u-Ron or generics or alcohol: These make your blood thinner, which means you will bleed more than normal and make the process more complicated.


If you have any irregularities on your skin, please consult a dermatologist and tries to reschedule the appointment.


DO NOT arrive late, and if you are late contact me via Instagram @patriciashim

What you need to know AFTER getting a tattoo

1: Leave the plastic until the end of the day (if you want you can sleep with the plastic) or if you have put on the “second skin”, leave it for 3 to 5 days if it stays well glued. As soon as it starts to peel off too much you should remove the film,


2: Don't panic about what's happening to your tattoo under the plastic (it's just plasma and bits of ink) When you remove the film you should use lukewarm/cold water and PH Neutral and fragrance-FREE soap, if you don't have it none of these soaps, just use warm water. Don't scrub hard, and use kitchen paper instead of towels (don't use toilet paper),


3: Apply a little cream proportional to the size of the tattoo (up to 10x10 the size of a pea, 15x15cm two peas and so on) every day after bathing,

3.1. Do not use any cream other than the one I gave you and coconut oil, unless I recommend otherwise in case there is a problem with your tattoo.


4: When you start to feel itchy, don't scratch (gently pat the area),


You can NOT exercise for at least 4 days (sweat has an acidic pH, minerals and urea and therefore you can run the risk of infecting the tattoo),

You can NOT go to the beach/sea/pool/lake/river/immersion baths/places with a lot of dust for at least 7 days (you may run the risk of infecting the tattoo),

DO NOT tan or sunbathe until 15 days after getting the tattoo.


If you want to keep the vivid colors of your tattoo, use moisturizing cream regularly and ALWAYS apply sunscreen during the summer.

In light of new studies, the ECHA (European Chemistry Agency) warns that many tattoo inks contain toxic components. Although these exist in extremely low percentages, this information is given so that you can make a conscious and informed decision. The component we're talking about is titanium dioxide, which is used to add opacity to paints and lighten tones. This component is also used in toothpaste, sunscreen, cosmetics, ice cream, chewing gum, candies, mayonnaise, yogurts, tablets, etc. It is also used to purify contaminated water.





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