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quinta, 27/02



BELGRADE guest spot

I will be guesting at Studio Kobradeluks

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Time & Location

27/02/2025, 11:00 – 19:00

Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

About the event


1: moisturize the area/areas of the body where you are getting tattooed at least 3 days before the appointment (if you still don’t know where, moisturize the whole body with body lotion) 2: Drink lots of water!  Hydration of the skin is really very important throughout the following days. Bring water with you too.

3: Sleep well the night before and eat well before your appointment. You'll feel better throughout the process. In the studio we have sweets but if you have preferences bring your own. 4: brings comfortable clothes. DO NOT get sunburnt the weeks before! I will not tattoo over burnt skin or if it’s peeling. (VERY IMPORTANT) DO NOT take painkillers or alcohol. These make your blood thinner, which means that you will bleed more than normal and make the process more complicated. DO NOT arrive late, and if you are late contact me via Instagram @patriciashim WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AFTER GETTING A TATTOO 1: Leave the plastic until the end of the day (if you want you can sleep with the plastic) or if I have placed a "second skin" on you,  leave it for 3 to 5 days if it stays well glued. As soon as the corners start coming off you should remove the second skin. 2: Do not panic about what's happening with your tattoo underneath the plastic (it's just plasma and bits of ink). When you remove the film you should use warm to cold water and PH neutral soap with NO perfume. Intimate soap is always unscented and ph neutral. Do not rub vigorously, and use kitchen paper towels. Don’t use fabric towels or toilet paper), 3: Apply just a tiny bit of cream proportional to the size of the tattoo (up to 10x10 the size of a pea, 15x15cm two peas and so on) every day after you shower, (VERY IMPORTANT) DO NOT USE any other cream on the tattoo other than the one I gave you or coconut oil, unless I tell you to. 4: When it starts to itch don’t scratch it! (just pat softly on the area), You CANNOT exercise for at least 4 days (sweat ph values are acid, so you may run the risk of infecting the tattoo)

You CANNOT go to the beach / sea / pool / lake / river / dusty places for at least 7 days (you may run the risk of infecting the tattoo) DO NOT tan or suntan for up to 30 days after getting the tattoo, if you want to go to the beach just cover the tattooed area. If you want to keep the colours vivid just use sunscreen everyday after it heals completely to protect your tattoos and yourself.

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